Trust & Safety

User trust is our priority.

Trust is the centerpiece of our GuardsZone community. We value and appreciate the trust both consumer and business users place in us to provide a platform that disseminates authentic and reliable information on local security guard companies to help guide choices made by potential customers. Explore this page to understand how we continuously ensure that trust isn’t broken.

Connect with the best security guard companies

Building social proof

Businesses can grow through user testimonials of their dedication to providing extraordinary services and memorable customer service – the same way they’d be able to build their brand within a physical community. The GuardsZone team persistently tries to maintain an environment in which original content is highlighted to navigate users to make the best decisions.

Ensuring credibility

GuardsZone prohibits businesses from soliciting reviews from their customers and requires consumer users to provide written accounts sourced only from their direct personal experiences with a company. Honest user feedback from individuals who are inspired to write reviews, whether it’s positive or negative, allows our platform to recommend the best security guard companies.

Combating deceptive content

Misinformation is prevalent in a rapidly-growing digitized world. To safeguard our online community, we have implemented certain policies and features to help curb the circulation of inaccurate information on GuardsZone. Explore our Consumer Notices and content moderation pages to gain additional insight on our practices.


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