Content Guidelines

GuardsZone is a platform that connects individuals with outstanding local security guard businesses. While we understand that our users may disagree in their opinions, we would like everyone to engage in a courteous manner. Please review the following guidelines to create a positive and productive environment. Additional information is included at the bottom in regards to different types of content you can post on the site.

Significance: Please have your contributions be relevant to the platform. The customer experience is at the heart of GuardsZone, so discussing unrelated things, like politics, employment processes, or deeply personal issues (to name a few), would detract from the goal of the space we are trying to create.

Inappropriateness: We value all user’s expression of speech as long as it is not harmful to others. Please do not post threatening, vulgar, or hateful content as it is not allowed.

Authenticity: Write your own reviews and do not plagiarize from other sources or individuals. People come to GuardsZone and look through reviews to make informed decisions on which businesses they should spend on and if the reviews are unoriginal, a general distrust is created between users and among the platform. Note that reviews generated by artificial intelligence software also fall under the umbrella of unoriginal content, so please refrain from using tools like ChatGPT.

Objectivity: Remain unbiased Please do not post on GuardsZone as a consumer if you are affiliated with a security guard business, including business owners, friends and family of business owners, employees (both former and current), business competition, or those who receive any form of compensation for their contributions. The aforementioned conflicts of interest manipulate the authenticity of the platform as a whole.

Prioritize Privacy: Do not disclose any individual’s personal information as GuardsZone is a public platform. This includes full names, identifying information, or even a photo or video that focuses on a person in which others are easily able to identify them.

Advertising: Avoid posting your own promotional content for any businesses or services you may offer, unless you are advertising with GuardsZone. Users are attempting to find security guard companies that best suit their needs, and anything beyond the scope of that is disruptive to the user experience on the platform.

Additional Guidelines

Reviews are meant to be sourced from original and authentic experiences that the consumer has had with the business to provide specific knowledge to other users on how the business provides its services while also allowing businesses to understand what business practices work and what don’t.

  • First-hand Experiences: Do not post reviews if you have not worked with the business directly. Hearsay does not promote trustworthiness and users come to GuardsZone in search of legitimate customer experiences to guide their own decision-making. 
  • Detailed: Please don’t write a one line review that says “Great services!” or “I hate his company.” The prior examples offer no insight on how a business operates, treats its customers, or anything genuinely relevant. Include unambiguous, descriptive language and have your review be at least a few sentences long.
  • Compensation: You are not allowed to insist on payment, discounted/free services in exchange for a positive review. Similarly, you cannot use threats to delete a review or post a negative one if a business refuses to pay you. Businesses are not allowed to solicit for reviews either, so please do not accept any reimbursement.

Media uploaded to the GuardsZone platform should be generally applicable to the business or its services.

  • Relevant: If you post images or videos that are pertinent to your personal experience and follow the other content guidelines, but may be too specific to broadly reflective of a typical consumer experience, we will not include it in the ‘Photos & Videos’ gallery of the business page. Your media upload will still be visible in the review that you posted because it is relevant to your consumer experience.
  • Positive: Do not post media that instigates hate or attacks other individuals. We want our platform to be a community of users that trust the other users to post in a conscientious way and support all  individuals.
  • Appropriate: We will remove imagery of violence, vulgarity, or anything else that is either explicitly or implicitly inappropriate.

The GuardsZone platform becomes a community when users are able to foster an environment in which safety, trust, authenticity, connection is prioritized for all individuals who use it. Please do your part to maintain it as such. 

User Profiles: Personalized profiles are a great way for other users and business owners to know who they are interacting with, so make sure to have an updated profile picture and a little bit about yourself in the bio section. Please don’t advertise or market any products or services – the GuardsZone team will take action against the account.

Direct Messaging (Businesses): Once you create a GuardsZone Business account, make sure that your profile includes a visible profile photo so that any interactions with current consumers and potential clientele feel more personalized. The private messaging feature is how business owners can respond to quote requests from consumers. Remember not to solicit for reviews, harass consumers, or display improper conduct at any point – the GuardsZone team may close your business account if we become aware of such impropriety.  



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