Trust & Safety

Combating deceptive content

This page explains the consumer notices that GuardsZone uses in its efforts to resist the dissemination of false information on our platform. If we find that a business has misled customers or there’s insight we’ve received that we think is important for users to know, a pop-up will be visible on the business page. Any notices posted on a business page will be backed up by comprehensive evidence of the claim.

Consumer Notice Categories

Incentivized Review Notice

If we have received evidence of a business exchanging any form of compensation for users to write advantageous reviews, an Incentivized Review Notice will be displayed on the business page. GuardsZone’s guidelines prohibit business users from offering money or discounted services to consumers to garner favorable social proof as it is deceptive and undermines businesses that authentically acquire positive endorsement.

Unreliable Review Notice

The Unreliable Review notice will be present for businesses which receive reviews that seem to be written by the same person from multiple accounts, a business user’s personal account, anyone that has not received direct experience of the business’s services, or anyone with a conflict of interest. All reviews posted on GuardsZone must be sourced from first-hand encounters with the security guard company and we will thoroughly investigate questionable narratives.

Legal Intimidation Notice

In the instance that we have evidence of a business using the threat of legal action in an attempt to harass users who have written unfavorable reviews, a Legal Intimidation notice will appear on their page. Consumers are protected by the First Amendment right of freedom of speech to express their authentic opinion of business they have interacted with. Here at GuardsZone, we believe that users should be informed if a business is an obstacle to that freedom.

Increased Activity Notice

 The Increased Activity notice is a pretty succinct description of the circumstances in which this notice will show up – when a business page sees an unusual increase in the number of reviews being written for the company. Whether the surge in the quantity of narratives is positive or negative, we will inform the users of GuardsZone that the reviews they see may not be authentic. Any business will only be able to service a certain amount of clientele within a short period of time, which suggests that an abnormal spike isn’t based on direct consumer experiences with the enterprise.

Biased Conduct Notice

 When our team receives reports of discrimination of any sort from a business, backed by concrete evidence, the Biased Conduct notice is displayed on their page. One of our topmost priorities at GuardsZone is to make our community a safe and trustworthy environment, and this principle extends to the atmospheres that we guide the consumers that utilize our platform to in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Aryana how to formulate this response. Yelp links to their Support Center’s Legal Threats page that houses the question.

 No, any allegements of discriminatory behavior must be reported with evidence of their biased conduct. GuardsZone will then conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and evaluate whether the claims are credible. If and when our team can validate the accusations, the Biased Conduct notice will be visible on the specific business page.


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