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Getting Started On GuardsZone

Information on registering and authenticating your user account, editing your user profile, resetting your password, and anything else to get you started with GuardsZone.

Searching GuardsZone

GuardsZone’s search feature allows users to find local security guard companies to best suit their needs.

Posting Reviews

Information on how to share your experiences with local security guard companies on GuardsZone.

Posting Photos & Videos

Information regarding uploading and removing photos and videos on GuardsZone.

Reporting an Inappropriate Review

How to recognize prohibited content in posted reviews and take action to make GuardsZone a more user-friendly environment.

Reporting an Inappropriate Photo/Video

Information regarding what kinds of photos and videos are acceptable to post on GuardsZone.

How to engage on GuardsZone

Information on how to connect with the GuardsZone community and maintain a positive environment on the platform.

General Business Information Updates

Information on how to submit suggestions to general business information and how that reflects on a business page.

Status of Business Information Updates

Understand how our GuardsZone team evaluates suggested edits to a business’s information.


Information regarding GuardsZone’s privacy practices.


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