Searching GuardsZone

GuardsZone’s search feature allows users to find local security guard companies to best suit their needs. (Aryana needs to check this)

To search for a security guard company, utilize the search bar feature near the top of the screen.

GuardsZone’s homepage search bar has a ‘What’ field, which allows you to choose from a dropdown menu of the six most common types of security guard services. Use the location field to enter the city in which you would like to perform the search.

The main search page has additional filters that you can use to refine your search or sort the search results in various ways.

If you are looking for a specific company, you can type the name of the business in the search bar. If it is already listed on GuardsZone it will appear as you are typing, but please note that proper spelling is necessary for this feature.

Our search results are displayed using analysis of a multitude of factors, including location and the overall business rating based on consumer reviews.

You have the option to filter through the results to make your search more relevant to you, including the type of security guard service, number of reviews, and rating.

After you add a business to GuardsZone, our team will need to verify that the business is legitimate and cross-check the documents provided. 

This evaluation process may take some time before you are able to see the business in our directory. 

Please do not add the same business multiple times. You can contact Support with questions regarding the status of your business page.


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