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 Information on how to post and report content

Great reviews are informative, detailed, and center around your individual consumer experience with a business. Please include what you think would be relevant and useful for other users and potential customers to know. Some examples are listed below:
  • Discuss a personal experience with the security guard business that made you want to continue (or discontinue) with the services provided
  • Mention ways in which the company accommodated your requests and showed professionalism (or when they did not)
  • Shout out an employee that went above and beyond to make your experience great (please refrain from using full names and or identifying information as GuardsZone is a public platform)
We value your contributions to GuardsZone, but make sure to review the Content Guidelines prior to posting so you have a better understanding of what to exclude from your review. Please note that use of inappropriate language, harassment of other users, and other harmful actions violate GuardsZone’s Terms of Service and may result in your account being closed.

Once you post a review, it will be visible on the business page and your user profile.

If you’re not able to find your review, the scenarios listed below might be why:

If you’re able to see your review on your profile but cannot find it on the business page, it is an unrecommended review. These will be visible when you click on the text that says “Reviews not currently recommended” at the bottom of the business page.

If your review was removed because of a violation of GuardsZone policies, we will notify you via email. If your account was closed, your reviews will not remain on our platform.

To add photos of a business, it must be done through your review. Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Find the business page of the security guard company you’d like to add a photo to
  2. Click on the ‘Write A Review’ button
  3. Write your review
  4. Add a photo in the media upload section of the ‘Write A Review’ page
  5. Click on ‘Submit Review’

Your photo(s) will be visible in the ‘Photos & Videos’ section of the business page and in your individual review. You and other users are able to view all photos and videos you have uploaded in the media library section of your profile.

To remove photos of the business, you’ll have to edit the review. Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to your account dashboard and click on the ‘Reviews’ tab in the left-side navigation menu
  2. Locate the individual review you would like to remove the photo from and click on the ‘Edit’ button
  3.  You will have the option to remove the media uploaded in your review and save it.


  1. Go to the business page of the company you want to remove the photo from
  2. Click on the ‘Write A Review’ button
  3. Click on the text that says ‘click here’ if you want to edit your review
  4. Remove the media from the review and press the ‘Submit’ button

Once you edit your reviews to remove the media that was initially uploaded, it will not be visible anywhere on GuardsZone, including the business page and your profile.

  • If you feel that a review does not follow GuardsZone’s Content Guidelines please aid us in making our platform useful and positive for engagement by reporting it.
  • Since GuardsZone is a community-driven platform that uses social proof in the form of user-generated contributions to connect individuals with local security guard companies, our team will thoroughly investigate all reported content.
  • The most frequent reasons we remove a review from our platform are:
    • The review is inappropriate
      • While we support our users’ freedom of expression, if a review contains language that is hateful, threatening, or explicit, it has no place on GuardsZone. Any hate speech against an individual or group on the basis of their identity (race, gender, religion, disability, etc.) is prohibited. If the review contains verbiage that promotes or describes violence towards anyone is also not allowed. By explicit language, we are referring to profanity and lewdness.
      • Inappropriateness may also be in regards to exposing personal or identifying information of individuals.
      • Please report any reviews that contain such language. 
    • The person reviewing the business has a conflict of interest
      • All reviews posted on this platform should come from an unbiased consumer lens. 
      • Individuals that are in a conflict of interest include employees of a business (former and current), business competitors (other security guard companies), friends and family of the business owners, and a business owners themselves that attempt to create personal accounts.
      • Consumers that received monetary compensation or other incentives to write reviews also fall into this category. 
      • When reporting a review that is a conflict of interest, please make sure to provide documentation or proof to support the report.
    • The review isn’t focused on the reviewer’s personal consumer experience with the business
      • All contributions to the platform must be original and relevant regarding the consumer experience with the individual security guard business. Narrative documentation through reviews allows other consumers and potential customers to get a sense of the business and if it would be a right fit for them.
      • Reviews should not be written based on another individual’s experience, even if it has been accurately presented. This decreases reliability in the other reviews posted and the site as a whole.
      • Reviews that have been copied from other business pages or websites will also be removed.
      • If you believe that a review seems to be inauthentic, please report it.

Please keep in mind that simply reporting the review does not guarantee our team’s removal of the review. If we believe that the GuardsZone Content Guidelines haven’t been violated after our independent evaluation, we will make the decision to keep it up on our site.

Regardless of our decision, you will be notified within a week. If a user’s review does get removed, they will also be notified that their content was removed. Please reach out to the GuardsZone Support team if you haven’t received a response to your report within that time frame.

Currently, the only way to report a photo or video uploaded is to report the entire review that a user has posted. Please note that you will have to be logged into your GuardsZone account to report any content.

If you have read our Community Guidelines and believe that media uploaded is in violation of our policies, go ahead and report the review. In the description box, make sure to explain why you believe that the media violates GuardsZone guidelines.

You will be notified of our decision regarding your report via email. If we decide to remove the media, the individual who uploaded the media will also be notified that their content was removed.

Posting Reviews
Information on how to share your experiences with local security guard companies on GuardsZone.

Posting Photos & Videos
Information regarding uploading and removing photos and videos on GuardsZone.

Reporting an Inappropriate Review
How to recognize prohibited content in posted reviews and take action to make GuardsZone a more user-friendly environment.

Reporting an Inappropriate Photo/Video
Information regarding what kinds of photos and videos are acceptable to post on GuardsZone.


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