Recommended Reviews

Learn how GuardsZone makes decisions on recommending and not recommending user reviews posted on the listed business pages.

No, GuardsZone doesn’t recommend every user review that is posted on the platform. We aim to suggest the reviews that most accurately and truthfully represent the consumer experience with that security guard business.

Reviews that are not recommended will still be visible near the bottom of the reviews section on a business page that says “View reviews that are not recommended.” The star ratings of these reviews do not impact the cumulative business rating. You will also be able to see these reviews on the user’s profile.

Please review why reviews might not be recommended

GuardsZone will recommend reviews that are informative and honest about a user’s personal experience about the business.

The actual star rating does not factor into our recommendation process as much as the content of the review being detailed and candid. Each business page will differ in the number of positive or negative reviews that are recommended based on the reliability of each individual review.

If reviews seem generic, exaggerated, inauthentic, or solicited by the business owner they will be unrecommended. Please note that business owners should not ask for reviews as it is against GuardsZone’s Terms of Service.

There are a few reasons that a review is not recommended by GuardsZone, all of which center around the unreliability of the contribution. Some examples are listed below:
  • The review is generic and does not provide information of the user’s personal experience with the business.
  • The review is extremely positive or negative without offering insight into the business practices that led the user to form that opinion.
  • The review is too personal and cannot be generally applied to the general consumer experience of that business.
  • The review was written by someone who has not actually engaged with the business.
  • The review was requested by the business owner (This is against GuardsZone’s policies and business owners who solicit for reviews may have their business page and account under review)

If users edit their review to be more informative and reliable by including details about their experiences in connection with the business, GuardsZone may recommend previously unrecommended reviews.

GuardsZone might also move a review that was recommended to the “not recommended” section as more users share their experiences with the business and the initial review is uncharacteristic or deemed unreliable.

No, unrecommended reviews do not factor into the cumulative rating of a business. Please note that recommendation decisions may change over time based on reliability and authenticity.

No, not with review recommendations. While advertising on GuardsZone will positively impact your visibility in our search engine, the user reviews presented on a business page will be evaluated on the basis of accuracy and honesty for both advertisers and non-advertisers.

Please note that business owners should not solicit reviews, whether they advertise or not. This may be detrimental to their business rating and placement in the search page due to the reviews being placed in the unrecommended section of their business page.


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