Claiming your Business Page

 Learn how to gain control over your GuardsZone business page and explore features that will help business management and visibility.

On GuardsZone, business owners/managers are able to claim their business page if it is already listed on GuardsZone.There are a couple different ways to do so.

Via the homepage:

  1.  Click on the text that says “Claim Business” in the navigation (under the For Business dropdown) or the footer or click on the text that says “Learn more” in the Claim & Get Started section
  2. You will land on a business search page  
  3. Type your business’s name in the search box
  4. If your business is listed, click on the search option for your business
  5. If your business doesn’t appear when you search, you’ll have the option to add it to GuardsZone.
  6. You will then be taken to the Claiming Your Business page, in which you can fill out all the relevant information

If you have already located your business page:

  1. Scroll over the gray text to the right of the business name that says “Unclaimed”
  2. Click on the blue text that says “Claim your business”
  3. Fill out the fields in the form that appears on the screen

GuardsZone will send a confirmation link to your business email. If the email cannot be verified, your account will not be set up properly. 

Please note that if you have created a consumer account and claim a business through that account, it will become a business account and you will not have access to consumer features on GuardsZone (searching for security guard companies or posting reviews).

If you are not able to claim your business, the listing may have been submitted recently to our platform and GuardsZone is verifying the information. Please wait a few days if this is the case. 

If you search for your business and you see green text that says “Claimed” and it was not you, someone else has claimed the page. Please confirm whether or not someone from your business has claimed and if you have further questions, contact GuardsZone Support.

Each individual physical location of a business will need to have its own business page. 

If you have already added or claimed one location, you can log into your business account and add another location through the ‘Add Listing’ clickable text at the top of the dashboard. 

Enter your business name and if the other locations already have pages on GuardsZone, select the option that appears in the search box dropdown. If it doesn’t, click on “Add to GuardsZone for free.” Please follow the prompts on the screen to complete that process. 

There are very few reasons that GuardsZone will allow a transfer of management access to a business page once it has already been claimed. Please contact Support if you would like to do so and note that you will lose all access to managing the business page once you do.

A business account onGuardsZone allows you unique features to engage with current and prospective customers and strengthen your brand reputation.

You’ll be able to:

  • View your business insights by tracking consumer engagement on your business page.
  • Update information on your business page
  • Respond to reviews through comments that are displayed on your business page
  • Directly message consumers in response to quote requests via your inbox

If you are unable to claim your business and it shows that it is claimed on the business page, someone else has claimed it. Please confirm whether or not an individual from your organization has done so.

If you have recently added your security guard business to GuardsZone, it will take a few days for our team to verify all the documents and lift its pending status. Please be patient as our team works on validating the authenticity of the business.

If you have any further questions, please contact GuardsZone support.


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