Managing Your Business Page with GuardsZone

 Everything you need to know about how to manage and grow your business through GuardsZone. 

While you cannot actively solicit individuals for reviews, you should cultivate awareness that you are listed on GuardsZone. You can mention this on your website, social media sites, or post physical posters in office locations of your business. 

Remember that your efforts to prioritize your customers is the strongest motivator for them to write positive reviews or spread the word amongst their own circle.

We frown upon solicitation for reviews and any compensation offered in return for reviews is in violation of GuardsZone’s policies. Business owners will usually ask their most satisfied customers to post reviews on platforms to persuade other consumers of their business image, which isn’t an accurate representation of the business or their practices.

The best way to get customers to write favorable reviews of your company is to provide extraordinary services and a memorable experience for them.

If we find that you have pressured or compensated any customers in return for reviews, your business page’s visibility in our search page will suffer and repeated offenses may result in account closure (including your business page getting removed from GuardsZone).

1. Log into your GuardsZone for Business account

2. Find the quote request you would like to respond to

3. Reply to the request with a price estimate if possible, or a message asking for more information

4. Click on the ‘Send’ button

If you are unable to provide the services the consumer seeks, please let them know. Simply not replying tarnishes your reputation as a business owner and promotes the notion that you do not care about your customers.

Quote requests/messaging can be enabled on disabled from the ‘Call To Action’ page of your business dashboard.

Please make sure that you have enabled messaging in your GuardsZone for Business account.  If you have them turned on, please contact GuardsZone Support.

Ensure that you have enabled messaging on your GuardsZone business account. 

If you have confirmed that this feature is on, review the requirements below that you must adhere to before you’ll be able to send and receive messages:

  • GuardsZone for Business user has claimed the business page
  • Business email address is confirmed
  • Business owner name has been approved by our team

If all of these are met and your problem persists, please contact GuardsZone Support


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