Updating Your Business Page

Information on how to make changes to your business page through your GuardsZone for Business account.

No, business age URLs cannot be customized. Your URL will typically be your business name with dashes in between the words.

While you can choose the image to upload as your cover photo, the order of the images on your business page will automatically be listed in chronological order.

If you have more than one business location:

1. Log into your GuardsZone for Business account

2. Locate the  ‘Add Listing’ clickable text at the top of your business dashboard 

3. Click on it and fill out the prompts that appear on the screen

Once you’ve completed the form, GuardsZone will create a separate business page for that location. Pending approval, you will have access to manage that location through your business account.

The easiest way to include details about your security guard company is through the ‘Specialties’ and ‘Date of Establishment’ sections when you add your business to GuardsZone. These are not required fields during the addition process.

If you’ve added your business page but did not fill out that information, once your business has been reviewed and is live, you will have the option to add it through your business account.

1. Go to ‘Business Information’ page

2. Click on the blue ‘Edit Business Information’ button

3. Click on ‘Save Changes’ button

Any updates made by GuardsZone business accounts will immediately be reflected on the business page, but please note that our team will review them to make sure GuardsZone guidelines are not being violated. This means that your edits may be denied and you’ll see the business page revert back.

GuardsZone requires businesses to select at least one of the six business service categories listed to display on your business page.

The service types are as listed: Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Mobile Patrol, Executive Protection, Private Investigator, and VIP Escort

Please ensure that any changes made are correct – the security guard service type is a vital search filter and our search bar displays results based on what service the consumer is looking for.

To edit this portion:

  1. Log into your business account
  2. Navigate to the ‘Business Information’ page of your account
  3. Click on the ‘Edit’ button and make your changes
  4.  Save the changes and you will see your business page reflect the edits

Please note that our team will independently review changes made to ensure accuracy on the GuardsZone platform. Please be aware that the changes may revert if we cannot properly confirm the edits.

Business highlights are an amazing way for you to set your business apart from competing security guard companies and emphasize what makes you unique. It can attract potential customers from different demographics based on what they are looking for.

Business highlights offered on GuardsZone are a group of pre-selected individual attributes that you can choose to include if you’d like. If you choose not to include any, the section will simply not appear on your business page.

To add or edit the business highlights:

  1. Log into your business account
  2. Navigate to the ‘Business Highlights’ page of your account
  3. Click on the ‘Edit’ button and make your changes by checking (or unchecking) the checkboxes next to each option
  4. Press ‘Save’

The highlights section on your page will reflect these changes immediately.

Please note that you can only choose up to six business highlights to be displayed on your page at any time.

1. Log into your business account

2. Navigate to the ‘Photos & Videos’ page of your account

3. Select the ‘Upload Photos’ option

4. Add any media you would like to upload from your device

5. Click on the ‘Save’ button

Please make sure to review our Content Guidelines and ensure all media is appropriate and relevant to post on the GuardsZone platform.

To remove a photo that you uploaded from your GuardsZone for Business account:

  1. Log into your business account
  2. Navigate to the ‘Photos & Videos’ page of your account
  3. Scroll your mouse over the image or video you’d like to delete
  4. Click on the trash can icon that appears when you do so
  5. Click on the ‘Delete’ option that appears to confirm your choice

If you want to remove media uploaded from your business page that a consumer uploaded, you will need to report it. Please include context as to why the photo or video is questionable and the GuardsZone team will  investigate further and make our decision. Just because you report something doesn’t mean it will absolutely get removed – if we find that the Content Guidelines and Terms of Service were not violated, we will allow the media to remain on the platform.

Once you’re logged into your GuardsZone Business account:

  1. Go to the ‘Account Settings’ page 
  2. Update your password in the ‘Change Password’ section of the page
  3. Enter your current password for security purposes, then enter the new password and confirm by typing it a second time.

If you are unable to recall your current password, you can click the ‘Forgot Password’ option to reset your password through a link sent to the email on file.

  1. Log into your business account
  2. Navigate to the ‘Business Information’ page of your account
  3. Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the “Business Hours” section of that page
  4. Make your changes and click on the ‘Save’ button

Your changes will be reflected immediately on your business page.

A service area is a geographical region where your business provides its security guard services. Our service areas are listed as cities, and business owners are able to select multiple cities.

If you choose not to include information in this section, it will not appear on your business page, but we highly urge you to do so to reach a greater number of clients and gain more leads. 

This information is especially helpful when your business address is different from the areas your company provides services in.

To add or change neighborhoods you serve:

  1. Log into your business account
  2. Navigate to the ‘Business Information’ page of your account
  3. Click on the ‘Edit’ button 
  4. Use the search bar to look up and select the cities you serve

5. Save your edits

Your changes instantaneously reflect on your business page.

The guidelines are categorized for each section below. Please note that these are general and the GuardsZone team will independently verify any and all edits made to verify that they are accurate.  

  • The business name should be accurate and easily recognizable to consumers and distinguishable from other security guard companies.  
  • If a business is already claimed and verified, GuardsZone will use the business name presented in the verification documents. Any suggestions made to these business names will almost never be reflected on the business page, unless the company is undergoing a rebrand. 
  • GuardsZone provides businesses six service categories to choose from: armed security, unarmed security, VIP escort, mobile patrol, private investigator, and executive protection. 
  • Multiple categories can be selected to accurately represent all the services the business provides.
Phone Number
  • The business phone number should be local and a direct number that existing and potential customers should be able to call.
  • The website on the GuardsZone business page should link users directly to a business website dedicated to the security guard company.
  • We do not accept links to other directories or the company’s social media profile, especially since the latter will have its own field. This field is optional and should be left blank if the company doesn’t have a website.
  • The business address listed on the business page should be the one that is associated with the business license information. 
  • In some instances, business owners will not have their full address listed and only the city, state, and zip code will be on their page for security purposes.
  • The business hours listed should align with the hours of operation presented on the business website, posted in a physical business location, or advertised on any social media accounts.
  • Businesses which are open 24 hrs can choose that option while being added to the GuardsZone directory, or as an update from business owners.

All updates to a business page made by a business account will immediately reflect in the user view of the business page. The changes made will also be sent to the GuardsZone team to make sure they do not violate any Content Guidelines or our  Terms of Service .

Please read our guidelines on why we might reject updates to the business page to learn more.

Business pages on GuardsZone are meant to be clear, precise, and representative of how consumers typically recognize the business. If you believe that the rejected changes were in fact accurate, please contact Support with additional information on the updates. 


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