Posting Reviews

 Information on how to share your experiences with local security guard companies on GuardsZone. 

To write reviews on GuardsZone, you have to first create an account (hyperlink to “How do I sign up with GuardsZone?” Support For Consumers Getting Started page) with us.

Once you’re logged in, you can search for the specific business you’d like to review by typing the business name into the search bar. Please make sure to double-check spelling or GuardsZone might not recognize the business you’re looking for.

Click on the business page of the security guard company you want to write a review for and then click on the red button under the business name that says “Write A Review.” You’ll be taken to a separate page to write the review and the prompts on the screen will instruct you to finish the process and post your review.

If you can’t find the business and you’ve made sure that you spelled the business name correctly, the security guard company may not be listed on GuardsZone. In that case you’ll need to add the business to GuardsZone.

GuardsZone allows users to edit their reviews to allow for corrections and to add any details that might have been missed when initially posting the review.

1. Go to your user profile

2. Click on the Reviews tab from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen

3. Locate the review you’d like to edit and click on the blue ‘Edit Review’ button

4. Click on the blue ‘Submit Review’ button after making the desired changes

Once the review has been edited, you’ll be able to see it in the Reviews page of your user profile and on the business page of the company you wrote the review for. 

1. Go to your user profile

2. Click on the Reviews tab from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen

3. Locate the review you’d like to remove 

4. Click on the Remove Review’ button

If you wish to edit your review instead of removing it completely, GuardsZone will allow you to make changes and submit the edited review.

Currently, users cannot share the individual reviews that they have written through the GuardsZone website.

If you would like to promote a security guard company that you have received extraordinary services from, please use the share feature on the business page. This allows individuals on external sites to view the business page in its entirety, which houses important business information and reviews the business has received (yours included).

The ‘Share’ button is located right below the company’s cover image and once you click on it, various social media sites (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) will be visible for you to choose to share to.

Please note that you have to link your external accounts in the ‘My Profile’ page of your consumer account for this feature to work.

The votes that an individual review receives is visible to everyone that uses GuardsZone, whether they have created an account with us or not. 

As mentioned in GuardsZone’s Terms of Service (hyperlink to TOS), consumer accounts cannot be used to promote a business. All users should make sure not to vote on reviews of businesses that they are associated with, including business owners and consumers partnered with a business. 

To vote on a review:

  1. Find the review
  2. Click on the buttons underneath the review that say “Interesting,” “LOL,” or “Love” 

GuardsZone has a default sorting feature that analyzes multiple factors, such as novelty and review reactions, among various other review analytics, to provide you the most relevant reviews at the top.

You will also be able to sort the reviews based on the date written and number of stars given in the reviews.

GuardsZone’s Terms of Service (hyperlink to TOS) prohibits users from writing or removing a review in exchange for compensation of any sort, which includes but is not limited to free/discounted services, refunds, and special offers or deals.

If you think that a user has violated the terms of service, you can report their account. Our team will evaluate and take appropriate action if we confirm.

All reviews posted on GuardsZone must be original and derived from firsthand experiences with the business you are writing the review for. Posting reviews that are written with AI software is prohibited and the GuardsZone team will remove the review for being in violation of GuardsZone’s Content Guidelines (hyperlink to CG).

Users who post AI-generated reviews multiple times may have their account closed for being in violation of GuardsZone’s Terms of Service (hyperlink to TOS).


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