Reporting an Inappropriate Review

How to recognize prohibited content in posted reviews and take action to make GuardsZone a more user-friendly environment.

Before reporting a review, you should familiarize yourself with the reasons we might remove a review (hyperlink to the “When should I report a review?” page in the Reviews & Photos tab of the Support Center). 

Please note that to report a review, you need to be logged into your GuardsZone account.

1. Locate the review that you would like to report on the user’s profile or the business page that the review was written 

2. Click on the red Report button with the flag icon

3. Enter information as to why you are reporting this review in the popup window that appears on the screen – make sure to provide as much detail as possible

4. Click on the ‘Report Now’ button

Our team will evaluate the reported review and remove it if we have confirmed that the review violates GuardsZone’s Content Guidelines (hyperlink to guidelines). You will be notified via email in regards to the decision made after evaluation, and if the review gets removed the user who posted the review will also get notified.

GuardsZone users are prohibited from plagiarizing content written by another source. Users are encouraged to write original reviews based on direct consumer experience with the business. 

If you think a user review is not original, you can report it. Provide links to the original content in the report form so that the GuardsZone team can evaluate the reported review thoroughly.

User reviews should not contain any personal or private information. If you recognize that a review contains personal information, please report the review.

All user reviews contribute to the cumulative rating of a business, regardless of how far in the past the review is from. GuardsZone allows you to sort through the recommended reviews in different ways, including through the date posted (newest to oldest, or vice versa). 

Please note that if we believe that a review on the platform is not accurately representing the current consumer experience through the business, GuardsZone will simply not recommend that review.

You will get confirmation after you have made your report that we received it and are looking into it. GuardsZone methodically evaluates reported content and someone from our Support team will usually get back to you within a few days after the initial report. 

Please contact our Support team if it has been over a week since your report and have not heard from us in regards to the issue

If you believe that a report you made requires reevaluation, please contact GuardsZone’s support.

Please note that our team works diligently to provide all users with the best experience on the platform. Our initial evaluation of a review includes multiple steps to independently verify the reported violations, so please provide more context to the report and note that the outcome may not change from our initial decision.


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