Status of Business Information Updates

 Understand how our GuardsZone team evaluates suggested edits to a business’s information.

  • On GuardsZone, consumers, business owners, and anyone else using the GuardsZone platform can suggest general updates or substantial updates  to the business information.
  • Additionally, business owners who have claimed their page can directly change their business information if they are logged into their business account.
  • Our GuardsZone team works diligently to make sure all information provided on the platform is accurate. Most of the general business information changes will be quickly evaluated and updated within ? To get back to you on the more substantial changes to the business information, we may take longer. 
  • Our information verification process includes but is not limited to looking at user reviews on GuardsZone, the business website, third party sources (social media, blogs, articles), and directly contacting the business.
  • Please note that users who follow the guidelines on how to suggest general business information updates and the guidelines on suggesting substantial business information updates will hear back from our teams on the status of their updates sooner than users who do not. Please contact our Support team if you have further questions.
  • Our priority on GuardsZone is to deliver and maintain factually accurate information on our platform. All suggested edits to business information must be independently verified by our GuardsZone team. If the suggestions you have made were found to be invalid, those changes will not be reflected on the business page.
  • Additionally, if your suggestions to the business information did not meet our guidelines, your edits will not be reflected on the business page.
  • Please use the following links to read more on guidelines for suggesting business information updates:
  • – General business information updates
  • – Substantial business changes 
  • – Adding a business to Yelp 
  • – “From the Business” section 
  • You have the option to request a second evaluation if we initially reject your suggestion to update the business information and you believe that the business page does not accurately represent the business information. Please include evidence  so we can further evaluate. Please note that our evaluation process in regards to suggested changes of business information is extensive, so your edits may still get rejected a second time.


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